searching for that special kind of freedom

To me, you need freedom to be truly happy.
Free from the worries and woes of everyday life, be it school, work, relationships or even

I’ve always been one to say that my ambition is simply to earn a lot of money.
Sounds rather tasteless. However, it is something very very important to me.
Face it, money makes the world go round. To do things or buy stuff I like without ever worrying about cost, is something I’ve always dreamed of. But let’s be clear, my definition of being financially free is not synonymous to materialism. I won’t spend for the sake of spending, I just want to have the option to spend if it can make me or my loved ones happy.

Picture a kid playing with at the playground and she hears her friends all have went to USS. Look, she’s still happy playing at the playground, but I hope to be a parent that
has the option to bring her there if she really wants to go to USS.

A frugal life can be fulfilling as well, but I want the option, which only comes with having more money in this real world, I guess.

I’m probably in the lower rungs of the income level ladder in Singapore, and despite all the inequality that exists, I have never spited rich people. If I were them, I would spend too. Although I must maintain that some levels of decadence is way overboard.

But anyway, I want to be the son that breaks out of my family’s current financial position. Period.

That’s it for this cold and money-centric dialogue.


Moving on,
the greatest happiness I could ask for is the freedom to just be myself, with all my flaws, imperfections and not-so-niceness. The catch is, in the presence of someone else.
Yes, went one round to say that happiness is finding the special someone who accepts  you for everything you are, even if your core is slightly rotten here and there!

This person won’t be easy to find, and definitely won’t be easy to keep.

But one thing’s for sure, don’t settle, guys.


Let’s continue searching and hopefully enjoying our pockets of true freedom amidst our sometimes disorienting lives.

p.s. missing the SMUCO Taiwan trip, best trip of my life.


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